About Us


Our History

The implementation of biometric systems within banks and high security areas has been an ongoing process during the last years. Nowadays, finger scanners are commonplace and affordable both for private users and companies. More than 100 million finger scanners have been sold.

Each major laptop brand now sells devices with an integrated fingerprint sensor. Of all the biometric techniques, finger scan is the most convenient due to its cost, user acceptance, security, and stage of development. Fingerprint technology has within biometrics a market share of more than 50 percent. More and more companies benefit from security and convenience thanks to the fingerprint technology. The outstanding success is now ever-growing.

Our Value Statement


To be the smartest company in security and electrical service delivery round the globe with customer satisfaction.


Providing uncompromised security and electrical system to customers with honest technical support based on expertise and professionalism.

Core Values

Customer comfort

Customer safety


Our Value Statement

Company Objectives


  1. To identity the security threat.
  2. To design and install systems for our clients.
  3. To protect persons.
  4. To Protect property

Safety instructions are mostly a hassle and are therefore often bypassed. Security is only actually put into practice, if it meets human nature´s requirements. And it is exactly that which we have acknowledged.

Ekey´s solutions are extremely convenient. No need for keys, cards, codes, etc. and yet you are granted access everywhere. Your finger is the most convenient way to grant access. It is always “at hand”. Only convenient security concepts stand the test of time.